Designed and made in NYC, inspired by the Mediterranean.
Miné Mediterranean is living and feeling a true Mediterranean story through a line of delicately tailored swimwear and après swim pieces. At the heart of Miné Mediterranean is the idea that a good life is lived through the appreciation of honest moments embellished by the most exquisite and subtle details. The foundation of our label consists on our core collection - the forever classics; A collection that has been thoughtfully designed to remain forever relevant, carefully patterned to be perfected in size and fit ensuring every detail from seam to stitch meets our standards of quality and durability.
Emphasizing on natural beauty, our swimwear line, après swim line, and pestemals complete a curated collection of items, each made to stand on their own but carefully designed to be worn with their complementing counterpart. As a result, aesthetically balanced ensembles build a thought-out destination wardrobe to embark in memorable journeys and discover the world’s most beautiful settings.
Miné Mediterranean is a conscious alternative for those who seek the discreet yet luscious pleasures in life by the Sea.


We don’t believe in the cycles of waste and overstock, the idea of entire collections, efforts and resources to be disposed every certain number of months profoundly contradicts our brand philosophy. We embrace our principles of ethical production, environmental sustainability and conscious consumerism and use our resources to focus on what we believe adds more value; elevating the already existing collection with seasonal capsules, not limited to shape and form but always with a thought-out process behind.
We work with a premier manufacturer in New York City to produce our pieces which are entirely crafted from luxe Italian fabric. Manufacturing locally permits us to be involved first hand and in every step of our supply chain whilst forming close relationships with all who are involved. Our materials are consciously selected to fit the brand’s true essence; our respect for nature and love for the sea. Our beautiful swimwear fabrics are made with an eco-sustainable process which enables the reduction of resources such as water, energy and Co2 emissions.
We work closely with local Turkish textile craftsmen to incorporate beautiful and unique pieces from hand loomed silk, linen and cotton. In a small weaving village between the Mediterranean and Aegean Sea, proud and passionate artisans work on centenary looms to produce the pieces that tell their story and ours.


Behind Miné Mediterranean sisters Sibel and Selina approach their creative process by synthesizing the brand’s true spirit in the Mediterranean basin where they grew up spending their summers in a coastal town in Turkey located in a region known as the Turquoise Coast or the Turkish Riviera for its crystalline waters. Here, they developed an unparalleled appreciation for the aesthetics and enjoyed the wonderful ethos this region lives by. Thus, Miné Mediterranean was created, organically and slowly through the years, unconsciously taking in every element of the Mediterranean life and eventually reflecting a synthesis of their experiences in their brand.